Welcome to EarthKids!

We are a Pre-Primary School situated in the Crowthorne area, in Midrand.

Our school caters for children from 2 – 5 years of age.

At EarthKids, we believe every child needs individual attention within a secure, constructive, social, loving and nurturing environment; therefore, we aim to keep our classes small. Our teachers also have an assistant in each class, with a maximum of 16 children per class.

EarthKids follows a traditional educational school practice. Our programme follows a selected theme of the week providing children with the games and activities related to these themes, giving them knowledge about the world we live in.

Emphasis is placed largely on each child’s instinctive abilities to learn through play. To achieve this, each class is equipped with educational toys, puzzles, Lego and constructional toys. All of which are designed to stimulate your child’s mind while learning at the same time.

Fine Motor Skills / Art

Through art a child is able to interpret the world around him / her. Art helps a child clarify his perceptions and gives meaning and structure to his experiences.


Through music and song, a child develops a feeling for language. Music is also an integral part of auditory perception.

Gross Motor Skills / Outdoor

Children enjoy the freedom of movement while developing gross motor skills in our large well-equipped playground. We offer numerous extra mural activities that specialize in this important developmental area of a child.

Social and Environment

We teach the children about giving to the less fortunate. We have teamed up with some wonderful charities and encourage children to participate. Teaching children to respect our environment by learning about the world we live in. We also encourage an understanding of healthy eating habits.


Effective learning can only take place in a relaxed nurturing atmosphere. Our teachers develop warm loving relationships with the children based on mutual acceptance and respect.

EarthKids also have a Party Venue!

The Venue is for hire on Saturdays, come Summer, Winter, rain or shine.

We have:

A Large Indoor Area.

A Fabulous 8000m² secure play-ground with plenty trees and shade areas.

Bike tracks, jungle gyms, a large sandpit ship, trampolines, a soccer field, a fantasy house, swings and more….

Staff to assist with set up and clean up.

Little tables and chairs provided with table cloths. Chair covers are available on request.

We can facilitate also the hiring of Magicians, Jumping Castles, Water Slides and various other sorts of entertainment.

Our Party time slots are from 9-12noon or 2-5pm on SATURDAYS ONLY.

The abovementioned information is an overview of what EarthKids has to offer.

Our website is currently being rebuilt and should be completed early in 2018

In the meantime, please feel free to contact us for more information.

We would love to hear from you.

Contact Number - 011 024 2430


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